Why is Email Marketing so important?

Email Marketing and how it can help your business.

We all get emails from companies we’ve bought from before and if you’re like me you probably never read them and they go straight into the junk folder. However you’d be surprised at just how effective email marketing is. Why do you think huge companies like Amazon, Google, Apple etc focus so much on sending you emails every week.

Why is email marketing so important?

The benefits of email marketing with SME’s and trades businesses is simple. If you’re in regular contact with your clients, providing them useful information and being helpful you will always be in the forefront of their mind whenever they require your services or when an opportunity to refer you comes up.

Keeping your clients well informed with useful hints and tips makes them feel like you’re helping them and want them to succeed. They’ll be more willing to use your services because they feel you have their best interests at heart.

The benefits to creating a tribe of clients

Joe Girard was an American car salesman. He worked for Chevrolet and sold over 13,000 cars over a 15 year period, holding the Guiness world record for car sales in a year when he sold 1425 cars. Joe Girard did this by keeping in constant contact with his customers. He understood that people don’t buy a new car every few months, or even every year. He would have to wait years for repeat sales from customers and he knew that if he didn’t keep keep in consistent contact with them they would simply forget about him when it came to buying a new car.

Joe Girard had a unique way of keeping in contact with his customers. He would send them cards for Christmas, Birthdays, Valentines day etc. He would send them hand written notes thanking them for their purchase. He was selling cars at full retail price with a waiting list months in advance because people wanted to buy a new car from him.

How to create a successful email campaign

Using a CRM tool such as Mail Chimp is the first step. Collecting your clients email addresses would be next, keeping an up to date contact list on your CRM system. CRM stands for Client Relationship Management. Create content that you can send to your clients that will benefit them. Consistently send your clients this information.
Continuity is key here. If you’re not keeping in consistent contact you will be forgotten. I try and send something every month, but your business may require a more frequent approach.

We run successful email campaigns for our clients and can help you with yours if you don’t have the time to do it yourself. Contact me today to find out more information.