Why I HATE Some Marketers

Sounds hypocritical I know, but I HATE marketers.

When I was running my plumbing business I used to ignore any phone call from a with held number or an area code that wasn’t local to me out of the pure annoyance that I had with marketing companies phoning me up trying to sell me a service.

We Get It, Now What’s Your Point?

The reason for this post in particular is a message I received earlier from another marketing agency trying to sell me their services.

Here is a screenshot of the message;

Digital Marketing for Tradesmen

The reason this has annoyed me so much and how you can learn from it is this;

Research Who You’re Emailing

This is a marketing company emailing another marketing company, offering them their own services. As a tradesman I used to hate getting these calls/emails, but as a marketer I’m now getting them and being frustrated that these people don’t even check to see who it is they’re messaging.

Digital Marketing for Tradesmen

Scare Mongering

Trying to fool a business into believing that Google is turning off their website.

This is a lie, what they’re actually referring to is Google removing the function of having a free web page on their Google business listing as per this article here.

However, for someone who wasn’t keeping up to date with these things, with the threat of their website being “turned off” and coercing them into paying $299 for a new one, this is just wrong. It’s a scam, it’s a lie and it’s unethical.

Making Out It’s A Deal

How can you claim something is FREE and then charge them $299?!

Also, to claim that you’re helping them out and not taking advantage of them is completely unjust.

SO MANY marketing companies do this and other coercive manipulations to try and force you to pay for their services. Mostly preying on those that don’t understand the service and so leave it to the “professional” to do it for them.

I recently had a client go off and use another marketing agency who promised them they could get them to the top of Google within a MONTH (which is impossible) only for the client to come back to me 3 months later after spending almost $3,500 for NO RESULTS.

I’ve also had a client in the past spend $4,000 on a website that DOESN’T rank on Google because the marketing agency sold them on a HUGE website that wasn’t necessary for the size of the business.

Let me leave you with this advice.

If you’re being sold quick results if you spend more money, it’s going to be bullshit. Unless it’s more money on an PPC ad campaign where you need a higher budget.

Other than that, for SEO, Local SEO, Social Media Management etc, more MONEY doesn’t mean faster or better results. It just means they get more of your money and you get left with barely a return on your investment.

Rant over.