What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimisation or SEO for short is what you do to get your website ranking on local search engines such as Google or Bing.
There are two main forms of SEO, on page and off page.

Search Engine Optimisation

On page SEO is all to do with keyword research and placement, having the right H1 or H2 tag and using Alt tags on images to improve how Google or Bing see your site.

A tidy, fast loading site with optimised images that don’t take up too much space.

Off page SEO is all to do with factors outside of your website that search engines use to rank your site. This relates to things such as backlinks ,citations and can also be affected by social media. Essentially off page SEO is all to do with making your website look more prominent and popular to search engines, as being more popular than other sites shows to Google, Bing etc. that the site is relevant and up to date, that the information on the website is useful and people are being drawn to that site.

What Do You Need To Do?

To rank well on search engines you first need your website to be running smoothly, no large images that slow it down and for the content on the site to be rich in keywords and also readable and relatable to the user. Keywords can be researched, but essentially they are words that a potential client would use to search for your services i.e. “Plumber near me”, or, “Local builder for renovation”.

Once you have your website optimised correctly you need to start building the Domain Authority or DA. This is done by getting other websites with a high DA score to back link to your site. By getting high quality back links it shows search engines that your website is legitimate and has high quality content. Some places online claim to build back links for sites for little money, this can often lead to poor quality back links and can have a negative effect on your websites SEO.

A great free tool to see how well your businesses website is working is www.ubersuggest.com it shows your sites SEO audit, keywords its ranking for and its domain authority

What are backlinks?

Backlinks are other website or web pages that have a link that directs the reader to you should they click on it. For example, a home renovation blog could write up an article about “5 best ways to paint your bedroom” and within the article they could suggest a painter who they would recommend and insert a link to the painters website within the article.

There are loads of ways of getting backlinks to your website, unfortunately none are really quick and easy, there are no shortcuts to getting high quality backlinks.
Guest Posting – this is where you get in touch with other website owners who already have a high DA and PA and you write an article or “post” for them to publish on their website. Within the article you’ll have your link back to your website and they’ll get some useful content they can use for their readers.

Sponsorship – Quite often people look at sponsorship as a bit of a vanity metric, something that lets you say ‘I sponsor my local football team’ and show off a little on social media and to friends. What a lot of people miss though is that on the ‘football teams’ website for example, they’ll be back linking to you via their sponsor list. Assuming that the club/event/group that your sponsoring has a good following, again a high DA and PA then you’re not only paying for a bit of vanity and maybe a chance to show off a little, but also a high quality back link that will help your website rankings grow.

Forum Links – Maybe the cheapest and easiest way to link build, but still time consuming. This form of link building is as simple as subscribing to forums such as Quora, Reddit etc and answering peoples questions that they put up about your industry and within that question simply put your website link in. Again you’re helping out someone and you’re getting a good quality back link in return.

Blog Commenting – Similar to forum link building, except you go onto relevant blog sites and comment on the articles that are written on that blog. Be careful not to spam the blog, be courteous with your comment as the blog owner can delete your comment, but if you include a link to your website you’ve built another good quality back link.

Stealing Your Competitors Links – Last but not least, as there are loads more ways to link build. This way is a little time consuming, but a way to get the upper hand over competitors. Use software to gain knowledge of your competitors backlinks, then simply click on the link that shows what page of your competitors website it’s linking to, write better content than your competitor and then approach the website that’s backlinking to your competitors showing them your piece of content that’s far superior.

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