Website Design for Tradesmen

Website Design for Tradesmen

Website design for tradesmen and why should I spend so much money on a website when social media is free?

  • Social media is not free if you take into account the amount of time spent on it.  Time is money.
  • What if your favourite social media platform was removed? Would you still have a business?
  • How much income does your social media actually generate?

These are a few of the questions you should ask yourself when it comes to why you should focus on your website when it comes to building your business.

Below is a screenshot of page 1 on Google in the organic rankings for the search “Plumber in Bristol”.

Web design servicesHighlighted are the Domain Authority, Estimated Monthly Visits, Pinterest and Facebook links and also Backlinks.  Notice how many visitors they’re getting a month compared to the list of companies that are ranking on page 3 on Google below.  Notice that the social media links for Facebook and Pinterest are very low.

Digital Marketing for TradesmenThe number of monthly visitors is drastically lower than the front page BUT, for a small company even on page 3 of Google this could be enough to sustain or even grow your business.  Take note of the highlighted site at the bottom, The Bearded Plumber was my plumbing business that I built up using Wix.  It took a lot of work to get it ranking this high because of how Wix sites rank compared to the likes of WordPress, but even with all that work and all of the social media work put in, it’s still not getting anywhere near the amount of visitors on page 1.  Almost 0.8% of the number 1 spot in fact.

How important is Website design for tradesmen?

Well it’s not just the design that’s important, although that does factor in.  In fact it’s actually how much work you put into the SEO that really makes a difference.  You could have the best looking website in the world, which is quite often the case with some of these DIY website builders as they focus on aesthetics rather than function.  It could still not even rank on the top 10 pages if you haven’t done the correct work behind the face of the website.

What I suggest if you’re working with a limited budget, is have a simple one page design that focuses on 1-3 specific keywords that will bring you in the majority of your work. Then focus on the SEO and getting that page ranking high for those keywords.  This can be achieved with a smaller budget but with regular work.

How much would it cost? Website design for tradesmen and women

For example, I would charge £495 for a well designed 1 page website that explains your services and gives people a contact section so they can get in touch.  Then I would recommend using our growth SEO services which start at £150 a month.  You will get better results with our more expensive packages starting at £300, but it really depends on your budget.

Check out my article here about SEO For Tradesmen and why it’s so important.

“A cheaper website that is focused specifically on targeted keywords will get a faster ROI if you’re working on a tight budget”

Don’t forget about the 80/20 rule.  80% of your profits come from 20% of the work you do.  So if most of your money comes from a specific job i.e. boiler installations, then having a website that focuses on boiler installs will get you a higher return than having a website that shows off everything.  People ultimately don’t like choice and want things kept simple.  If you give them too many options or don’t make it easy for them then you may loose customers before they’ve even contacted you.

What to do next?

If you’re unsure of where to go next, or maybe you do know what your next step is but you need a hand doing it then the first thing to do is get in touch by either emailing me on stu@successfultradesman.com or using my Contact Page.