Website Design For Tradesmen

Web Design For Tradesmen and Women

Your website is the first thing a perspective client sees when they first find you online.

Making sure it looks great, has the information they’re after and has the correct contact details is the first step in winning the job.

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Tradesmen Website Design

Whether you’re a plumber, electrician, tiler, builder, painter or handy man (or woman), we can help you get online with a brand new website.

A great looking website that ranks well on search engines can be the difference between being busy and waiting for the phone to ring.

Web Design for tradesmen

It’s not always about size.  Some smaller websites can rank higher than larger ones for specific keywords.

Starting off small, especially if you don’t have a large budget, can be a great way to get online and target specific work or “keywords”.

Check out our example below.


Single Page websites are cheaper to build and take less time and effort to rank for targeted keywords.


3-5 Page websites are a little bit more expensive but you can go into more detail and rank for more services or keywords.


6+ Page websites give you the space to go into a lot of detail about all the different services you offer. Large websites can rank you for a variety of different keywords but are more expensive to build and rank.

What's the difference?

Small websites

Usually a single page site. Ideal for small budgets as they cost very little to build and don't take a lot of effort to rank high for targeted keywords (depending on the keyword).

Medium Websites

Around 2-5 pages. Great for companies that offer more services or want to rank for more service related keywords. Also useful for blog or news pages.

Large websites

If you have a good sized budget and want to rank for multiple services and target each page to specific keywords.

Search Engine optimisation

Always allow a portion of your budget to cover SEO. If you don't your website won't rank very well. You'll just end up with some expensive internet real estate.

Website design for tradesmen

If you’re unsure how much you should spend on a new website then take a look at a couple of our examples below.

Just remember that a website is the first step.  If you don’t allow a portion of your budget to go towards ranking the site it won’t be seen by potential clients and won’t generate you any income.

Example #1 | Web Design Tradesmen

Mario here is a plumber.  In fact he’s actually a boiler engineer, who only wants to go around servicing boilers.  

A single page website would suit Mario.  We would focus primarily on keywords such as “boiler service”, “annual boiler service” etc.  

Mario would spend around $200-300 on a single page website, he would then be looking at around $300 a month for our SEO service to get him ranking on Google.  

The rate of return on Marios website investment would be a lot higher and a lot faster as he’s only focusing on boiler services, so we can put all our focus into those specific keywords to get him ranking higher on Google.

Example #2 | Tradesmen Website Design

Phil is a builder who runs a large building company. 

Not only do they do new builds, but they also do kitchen and bathroom remodelling, home renovations, garage conversions etc.

Phil wants to be the number 1 choice for anyone locally that needs a builder.

Because Phil wants to rank high for a multiple of different keywords we’ll need to build him a larger website.  On top of that each service page will need work on it to rank it high for the related keywords to that service.

Phil would be looking at around $2000 – 2500 for a website of that size, plus a higher cost for SEO services on a monthly basis.

Companies We've Worked With

Check out our FAQs

I can provide most digital services to tradesmen & women.

I offer web design, seo and local seo, social media management and Google ad or pay-per-click campaign management but as well as all that if you need it we can also help with email marketing, branding and more.

Basically I want to be your one stop shop for anything digitally required, so that you can focus on running the business.

Hell no! I hate contracts.  

If you use us for one of our monthly services such as regular SEO, Google Ad management etc then all we ask us is you give us 4 weeks notice so we can make sure everything is ready to hand over to you at the end of the 4 weeks.

Currently I’m in Auckland, New Zealand.

That’s the joys of working from a laptop.

However I do return back to the UK at least once a year to visit family and have been known to travel around NZ or other places.

I’m always available via email and WhatsApp.

Basically I’m not happy until you’re happy, so if we’ve got to tweak or edited anything to make sure you’re happy with our final product then we’ll do that as many times as required.

That doesn’t include updates however.  So if you want something updated or changed that’s not classed as a revision and will be charged for at our hourly rate.

Everything is charged slightly differently depending on what it is you’re after, but just to give you some idea all prices below are in New Zealand Dollars but can be converted to your native currency;

Single page websites – $400 + gst* (£200GBP, $250USD)

Multiple page websites From $500 + gst* depending on the size of the size, amount of pages and content required etc.

Monthly SEO services are recommended at a minimum of $500 +gst* a month which equates to around 10hrs.  You’ll get better, faster results with a higher budget but for 10hrs a month we can deliver good results.  We can cater to smaller budgets if required, or if you are able to provide the content we can work on a consultancy basis for our hourly rate.

Local SEO is $150 + gst* a month per location.

Google Ad campaign management is $350 + gst* per campaign a month with an additional $150 + gst* set up fee.

*GST is the NZ equivalent of VAT and only applicable to NZ businesses.  If you’re not from New Zealand you will not be charged or required to pay GST.

Due to the nature of my work I can work with companies all over the world, and I do.

To keep things simple I use Wise for all my payments and currently have bank accounts set up in U.K, U.S, Canada, Australia and New Zealand, so you don’t have to worry about transferring money abroad and all invoices are done in your native currency.

If you’re not from these places please let me know and I can see if I’m able to get an account set up in your country.

If you didn’t know already I’m an ex-plumber.

I spent 14 years as a plumber, from my apprenticeship up until the point I re-trained and went into web design and digital marketing.

The reason behind the career change was because I wanted to travel more and my partner was travelling a lot for work and I was currently stuck where I had a job and so I looked into other ways to earn a living without being stuck in one place.

Most of what I know now I had learned whilst running my own business.  I’d originally built my companies website and did all the marketing in-house.  However I have learnt a lot since then working with other businesses.

For the first year our hosting and plug-in fees are included in the price, after the first 12 months we charge $50 + gst for website hosting and management and give you the option to renew any pro plug-in licenses you may have.

We are happy for you to take over hosting and licensing after the first year if you wish.

We can also set up your website domain and email if you need it.  We use Google domains for all our domain names and email which start at $20 for domains and $8/month for email.

No, it’s not easy being cheesy.