3 Social Media Tips For Tradesmen and Tradeswomen

Here are 3 social media tips for tradesmen and women to follow when building their business up on social media platforms.
Social media has the power to grow a trade business exponentially. Many trade business owners have not yet harnessed the value of it or become aware of the vast audience just waiting to be shown your business.

Social media is a way for trader businesses to get on a personal level with their clients, spread the news of their business and advertise their prices and offers in a way that has only been achievable via leafletting or over the telephone before. It gives a trade person the chance to grow from a single person to a branded business it just takes social media know-how.

Branding | Social Media Tips

Brand your business. It is important. Choose a name that shows what service you offer. This makes your business searchable and findable to customers. If they are online, they might not click on ‘J and Sons’ as they have no idea what you are offering. Change this to ‘J’s Butchers’ and you are on to a winner.

Get a logo and put it on any promotional material that you create and as your display picture on social media. Choose a logo that stands out to customers and that emphasises your trade, so that it is obvious what service you are offering. There are a lot of sites online where you can create a logo for free or for a low price.

Create business cards that have your business name, logo, contact details and QR codes that link to your social media and website. This gives customers that you visit on a regular basis the details they need to follow you on social media. This drives traffic to your page and gives customers the chance to share your business. Show them how to link to or follow your account and let them have a few extra cards to give to their friends if appropriate.

Interacting With Followers | Social Media Tips

When you interact with customers, be polite, professional and informative. Consider how you would like someone to speak with you online. Remember that short messages without polite words can be construed as rude so be careful about how you message customers.

A good example is if a customer asks for a quote on a job;

Customer: “Hi I was wondering if you could do me a quote for a new kitchen?’

Response A: “Yes. When?”

Response B: “Hi, thank you for contacting my business. Yes certainly, I offer a free, no obligation quotation service. I have availability on Thursday and Friday of this week. Please let me know when you are free, and we can book you in. Many thanks, Dan from Dan’s Kitchens.”

Which option do you think is likely to secure you the customer?

Online Activity | Social Media Tips

Stay active on your business social media. This means posting to your page. Post information about your business and photographs of jobs well done. It is a great idea to start a blog that you update on a daily basis. WordPress is the site to use for this.

Staying active on your social media means that your page will be more visible in follower’s news feeds and therefore have more visits and engagements than if you never use it.

These tips will help you get started with your trade business on social media. There are plenty more, from boosting posts and optimising pages to email bulletins and instant messenger advertisements. Once you take the step into the world of business social media, you will see just how much it can help grow your business.

Managing Your Social Media

We know how time consuming managing different social media channels can be, that’s why we offer Social Media Management as a service to our clients. Get in contact today if you’d like to know more.