Lead Generation Websites

Lead generation websites are great for laser focused marketing.  We build and rent out websites that focus on certain areas of the industry and locality.  Getting qualified leads to you at a lower cost.

Lead Generation Websites

Lead generation websites or “Lead Gen” are websites that are built primarily with one specific job in mind.  The best example I use is aimed at plumbers, I build sites that focus on Power Flushing in towns/cities.  One particular example of mine is www.powerflushbristol.co.uk which is currently rented out to Zeal Services in Bristol.

Lead Gen sites are great if you don’t want to spend the money on your own website, or if you don’t want to pay out the huge outlay that comes with getting a website built and ranked high in search engines.

Instead we take on the costs of building the site, ranking it high on search engines and regularly updating and maintaining it.  All for a regularly monthly fee from the user.  Our Lead Generation Websites start at £150 pcm and require a 12 month commitment.

The sites can be focused on whatever area of your industry you want to focus on and any particular area of the country.  The monthly costs all depend on the amount of competition within that niche and area as some areas are highly competitive and require more work to rank higher.  You can also add Google Ads to your monthly cost as this can greatly increase the amount of leads you get in a month.

The reason for requiring a 12 month commitment is we also focus on Local SEO by optimising Google & Bing Business listings where you can only edit the address once a year, so to avoid any unnecessary suspensions from Google we do need a contract for the duration.

If you’d like to know or you’d like to work with us then Contact Us today or check out our recent article that goes into more depth.

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