Lead Generation Websites

Lead Generation Websites

We build lead generation websites for tradesmen & women that focus on specific areas or jobs within their industry e.g. Power Flushing. The reason behind this is simple. We can focus all of our effort into ranking a website specifically for 1-3 certain key phrases in a particular area which makes ranking higher easier and funnelling the user directly into the inbox of the site or to the phone number. That way we know that whoever finds the site whilst searching for that specific service or job is a genuine lead who is interested in that service. Not someone who finds the website of a plumber but can’t see exactly what they’re after so moves onto another website.

What are the benefits of having a lead generation website?

For those people who are interested in having a lead generation website I’ll give you some key benefits.

  • Low monthly costs. I.e. as we rent out these sites you don’t have to worry about a huge cost of having a website built. We’ve already built or are building the sites, so all you do is pay for the ‘rental’ of the site.
  • You don’t pay anything until the website is up and running and people are finding the site. It takes time to get a website ranked, so we don’t charge a thing until we can prove that people are finding the site and going onto it.
  • Filtered leads. People searching for specific jobs/services are more likely to buy if when they find a site dedicated to that service. Having a site that is aimed specifically at one thing gives them impression that you are a specialist in this field, which encourages the user to contact you.
  • No monthly maintenance or updates. You don’t have to do a thing! We take control of the website, update it, keep it looking and working great. All you need to do is deal with the leads that come through.

What’s the process for applying for a lead gen sites?

It’s easy. Simply contact us if you’re interested in working with us. We have several website templates that we can use depending on your industry and specific job/service. We build the site and get it ranking well on search engines for your service and location. We require a 12 month contract for the rental of the site once the site is ranking and people are visiting it. All we do then is re-direct your phone number and email address into the contact details and you get customers contacting you directly. We then keep on top of the monthly updates and maintenance of the website to ensure you stay high in search rankings.

The reason we require you to commit to a 12 month contract is because we also set you up with a local business listing with Google & Bing and keep that updated to grow your local search rankings as well. Once this is set up you can only change the address once per year, so a 12 month contract stops any unnecessary changes that can result in the business listing being suspended by Google.