Who is your ideal customer? and how to get them!

This might sound silly right? Surely everyone is your ideal customer?

Well you may want to rethink that. Look back on the last few jobs you’ve done and think about your relationship between yourself and the customer, then think back to how the job went as a whole. Most of the time you’ll find that great customers generally equal great work.

Now I don’t mean the jobs where you’ve charged a fortune and there’s been no complaint from the customer, they’ve simply accepted the quote and paid you. Because these people will find out they’ve been ripped off and chances are they won’t be a customer of yours for very long.
I mean regular work from genuinely pleasant people who are happy to pay for your service because they feel they’re getting good value for money and you’re earning yourself a good living.

Try to think back to this type of customer or client. Where did they come from? How did they find you? What type of work were or should I say are you doing for them?

Once you’ve got this data compiled I want you to focus on getting more of them

Yes this is about marketing to your ideal customer!

Everyone has their favourite customer, or type of customer. The ones that really enjoy using your services because they know you’ll do a great job and you won’t rip them off or charge a small fortune. These people are YOUR customers and you want MORE of them.

My ideal customers were often bathroom showrooms. They gave me regular work, I could charge what I wanted and I knew I could always count on them helping out when problems arose.

Stu Clark | The Successful Tradesman

The way I marketed myself to these customers was easy. I would simply introduce myself, generate a good rapport with the owners or sales staff and always ensure I communicated with them and kept in touch with how the jobs were progressing. I never bad mouthed them to the client and always put them first.

How to market to your ideal customer

When coming up with ways to market to your ideal customer it’s best to work out how these customers previously have found you. Was it via Facebook, Checkatrade, your website? by knowing where these types of people look and what they’re looking for you can laser focus your marketing efforts and get more ideal customers.

Keeping them is the next step!

If you need help with your marketing or want to discuss us managing your online presence by either web design, social media, paid ads or anything else then do feel free to contact us at any time.