How To Grow My Business

Ways to grow your business


How to grow my business and the best ways to ensure it grows steadily.  Patience is indeed a virtue when it comes to steadily growing your business organically rather than paying out a fortune for ads.

Whether you’re focusing on your website or using social media as a way to grow your business the most important thing to remember is consistency and good content.

This means regular updates or posts about things that people, more specifically your followers or clients, would like to read about, or something that would help them in some shape or form.


Well an important factor in Googles algorithm for how it decides if your website is relevant or not is the duration each visitor stays on the website.  If it looks like people are visiting your website and then almost immediately leaving Google will assume it doesn’t have the right information and rank you lower.
Focus on good content that keeps people interested and you’ll be on to a winner, that’s the best way to grow your business.

Facebook is similar, although it uses engagement as a factor in whether or not your content is good.  If a lot of people enjoy your content and hit the ‘like’ button or ‘share’ it with their followers Facebook assumes its good content.  Then it’ll share it with more followers.
Did you know Facebook only shares your content with a minimal amount of people?
That’s right, for example if you have 100 followers and share a piece of content Facebook will show it to 10 people.  Then if those 10 people like the content Facebook will share it to more.  If they don’t like it or share it Facebook will show it less.

Google on the other hand is slightly different.  If more people view your site and visit more than one page and stay on it for a good duration, Google assumes the content is good and ranks it higher.
If how ever you’re getting a lot of traffic but no one is staying your site will be ranked lower.

Conclusion – Growing My Business

The best way to grow your business online is to create great content and engage with the people who genuinely like what you’re doing.  Time waits for no man and Google can be said the same.  It takes it’s time to read your site and rank it, so patience really is key here.  But whilst your waiting for Google to read your content, it doesn’t hurt to keep creating more.

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