Google My Business Optimisation

Google My Business Optimisation – How to boost your local search rankings

Google My Business optimisation is one of the easiest ways to get on the front page of Google search.

By optimising your Google Business Listing you can rank higher than other websites simply by being in the map section of the Google search results page.

Also known as Local SEO, having a fully optimised local business listing can get you ranking in the maps section on a Google search, which is great for service based business as most people who are searching for those services i.e. “plumber” are not only looking for a highly reviewed plumber, but also one that is close to them and has contact details and a website on hand for perusal.

Google My Business Optimisation
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Why Tradesmen Should Use Google My Business

A good way to keep on top of Google My Business is to update it with pictures at least once a week with appropriate keywords for search results.

I see a lot of tradesmen and women who are constantly posting pictures and videos to their Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages believing that social media contributes more to their business.

When really if they put just as much effort into keeping their Google Business Listing up to date they would see a more noticeable increase in search engine traffic.

So for every social media post you need to update your Google Business Listing also. Think of it as another form of social media, but one that actually gets you seen by people who are searching for your services.

Best Optimisation Strategy for Local SEO

Make sure that all the information on your page is correct and matches with your website as well as other citations for best results. Utilise NAP which stands for Name, Address and Phone Number.

This information needs to be the same whenever someone searches for your business. For example your website NAP information needs to be exactly the same on your Facebook, Yell listing, Google Business etc.

Once you’re page is up to date and all the information is correct and uniform with every other business listing you have you then need to work on building up your citations.

What Are Business Citations?

A citation is a business listing, e.g. Facebook, Yell or Yelp that includes your NAP details as well as any other relevant information. The more high quality citations you have, the better you’ll rank as Google will deem your business to be more popular and more relevant to other listings and therefore rank you higher in search results.

Citations come in 3 different forms, generic, niche & geo. Generic being the typical Yelp listing that everyone can sign up to, there is no specific company type, it’s just a free for all.

Niche relevant is something similar to your niche or industry, for plumbing it would be a listing on CIPHE, Gas Safe or WRAS (Water Safe).

Geo listing is geographically relevant. So a local listing on a local business directory, as local searches are relevant to where the client is compared to where you are.

There’s no point ranking well for “Builder in Cardiff” when you’re based in London.

Digital Marketing for Tradesmen
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Reviews, Reviews, Reviews

Reviews can make or break a business listing. I have a client who hasn’t done any optimisation on their account but have over 300+ reviews and they rank within the top 3 for almost every keyword you could think of for their business.

Check out this article on why Google reviews are so important here.

If you’re unsure of how to use Google My Business or want someone to manage it for you then get in touch and contact us today.