Google Business Listing Optimisation and Growth

Google Business Listing Optimisation & Growth

Having a fully optimised Google business listing ensures that you have every chance of reaching the “map pack” section of Google maps and appearing on the front page of Google for specific searches for services you provide.

For your business to rank higher you need to ensure that all details are correct across all platforms, specifically NAP (Name, Address & Phone Number), that your profile is continually updated with photos and posts and that you have a high number of citations that are relevant and appropriate to your audience.

Your Google business listing can be a better asset than any social media platform, so keeping it up to date is very important.

If you’re looking to increase your search presence and improve your local search rankings then contact me to discuss working together.  Just hit the contact button below or fill in the contact form.

Google Business Listing Optimisation For United States Based Companies

This page is primarily aimed at businesses within the United States who want to optimise their Google Business Listing and grow within their local search rankings to attract more customers to their page and advertise their services.  If you’re based in the UK please click this link here.  Prices below are USD dollars.

For companies based in Australia and New Zealand please feel free to contact me.  I will have pages based on these countries soon.


Ideal for businesses that already have a Google business listing but need someone to manage it and keep it up to date.
$ 95 Monthly
  • Optimise Your Account
  • Keep up to date with photos
  • Keep up to date with business info


Great for new Google business listings or businesses who have a listing, but really haven’t done anything to it and need to optimise it and grow its rankings.
$ 210 Monthly
  • Optimise Your Account
  • Keep up to date with photos
  • Keep up to date with business info
  • Build citations
  • Improve your search listing rankings


The benefits to improving your Google Business Listing are simple.  More people who are looking for a service you provide will see your business within their search results.
Depending on the niche you’re in, this could be the difference between ten’s of people viewing your business, to hundreds or thousands seeing your business when they’re looking for a service or something that you can provide them.

A high ranking Google Business Listing is beneficial to all types of businesses that offer a local service, from trades such as plumbers, electricians, builders, painters etc. to cafes, coffee shops, restaurants, clothes shops, wholesalers and merchants.  Essentially any business that offers something to a local community who searches for something they provide should utilise their Google Business Listing in order for them to grow and increase their customer base.


Optimising your Google Business listing will get you seen by more people looking for your services


The more people viewing your business, the better chance of them being your next customer.


Show off your business/offers on the platform to people who are searching for what you offer


Keep your profile up to date with images and posts. Keep your profile information up to date so people know how to get hold of you and when
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