email marketing

A great email marketing campaign can work wonders for your business, if done correctly.
No spam, always provide useful information and communicatet with your readers.


Email marketing can be a businesses greatest marketing tool when implemented correctly.  Keeping in consistent communication with your clients keeps you in the forefront of their mind, gives them useful information they can use and can drastically improve your business.

There is a difference between spamming potential customers with bad sales tactics and genuinely interacting with a core group of clients who have your interests at heart and whom you have theirs.  Collecting emails could possibly be the number one most overlooked thing a business does, especially at the beginning when your main focus is on getting work, not keeping in touch with clients.  

Start collecting your clients email addresses early on and use it to keep in regular contact, even if you’re simply sharing useful information or hints and tips.  Building up your tribe of loyal followers can be the difference between consistently struggling and constantly searching for new work, or enjoying a regular flow of work, with clients who you really care about and want to help.

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