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I’ve spent over a decade in the trade industry as a plumber.  I built my plumbing businesses up from scratch with no money behind me and learnt everything as I went.  I made good decisions and I made horrendous mistakes.

For the last 4-5 years I’ve been helping fellow tradesmen and women grow their businesses  and I’ve never looked back.  The mistakes I made were great learning points that I’ve been able to use to help others.

My main reason for going down this route (apart from saving my knees) is that I genuinely enjoy helping other people grow their business.  To the point where I actually like Mondays!

the successful tradesman

My Story ...

Over the years whilst working as a plumber and running my own businesses I would often feel the need to do more with my business and grow it the best way I could.  I would sit down with marketing consultants and web designers trying to find ways to grow the business. Except I always left those meetings feeling like I was just someone else who was going to give them money on a monthly basis, or that they didn’t quite understand what I was looking to achieve or that they really knew the industry I was in.

I actually had a couple of discussions with some so called “marketing experts” which turned into me explaining the concept behind Checkatrade and Rated People as they’d never heard of them before,  These were both routes I went down that made a difference to my business. In fact I was one of the early adopters of Checkatrade and that helped turned me from a single sole trader, to a limited company, VAT registered with 9 employees.  The problem was however, I was stuck.  The minute I stopped paying for my advertising was the minute the phone stopped ringing.

I needed a way to keep my phone ringing and jobs coming in without having to rely on paying a fortune for memberships and advertising.  That’s when I started building my website and increasing my marketing knowledge.  Once I was able to get to grips with web design and SEO I was able to start ranking for local searches and building an asset that could bring in hundreds of potential customers on a monthly basis.

Once my website was ranking well on Google my main job was dealing with the work that came as a result.  It took me years to get to this point

Why would you want to wait that long?

Contact me today to discuss working together and growing YOUR business.