Business Coaching

Because running a business can be hard having a Business Coach or Mentor can take the strain and stresses away from some tough decisions.  Sometimes everyone needs an extra hand or someone to talk to. Someone that is unbiased and can give time served advice on what to do and where to go next with their business.

We offer business coaching / mentoring to help other business owners with any problem or situation they find themselves in.

We can give advice on how to grow your business, where best to market and advertise given your particular budget and some best practises on how to successfully network your business.

Get in touch with me today for an informal discussion on what you do, how far you’ve come already and what you’d like to achieve with your business.

I’m always happy to lend advice to other business owners and help them with any questions they’re stuck on, or to help them put their first step in the right direction.

    You're Not Too Small For A Business Coach or Mentor

    I always thought that having a business coach or having someone as a mentor was only for the big, wealthy businesses.  Throughout reading books from different marketing gurus they always mention about what they learnt from their mentors and I often assumed that this was just part of their circle of other successful business owners.

    What I’ve learnt since discussing this with other business owners, is that you don’t need to be rich and famous to be a business coach or mentor, you just need experience in the same or similar niche to what the other person is in and have the ability to give out the right advice, whether they want to hear it or now.

    A lot of business coaches charge hundreds, even thousands to give out generic advice to business owners.  What I’ve found is that creating a group of like minded individuals who are happy to help each other works a lot better than being involved in some money grabbing network group, or paying some “consultant or coach” who has never been in your shoes.

    My coaching / mentoring is done for free initially, either by email or phone, discussing the best practise and ideas to get businesses off the ground.  Quite often people who look for guidance with a business coach or consultant don’t necessarily need all the advice they’re given, they’re just looking for a bit of support.  That’s where having a group of similar business owners works well.  I only start to discuss a fee when a business wants a lot more of my time, or I have to set aside days or weeks to come in and help in a more thorough way.