The Purpose of The Successful Tradesman

Over the years whilst running my own plumbing business I struggled to find a good marketing consultant who understood the trade industry.  I’m not saying that I didn’t meet some very good marketers, but they just didn’t have experience within the industry that I was marketing to.  This can, and does result in money wasted, the wrong marketing techniques used and the wrong advice being given.  Leaving tradesmen & women like myself feeling like marketing is just a rip off and that it doesn’t work.

Instead I went out and did my own marketing.  From building my first website, creating and building a social media following, doing all my own advertising and spending a lot of money in the process.
Over the last few years I’ve trained in WordPress, Google, Facebook, SEO and PPC advertising (Pay Per Click) i.e Google Ads.

The role of The Successful Tradesman is to provide hope to other tradesmen and women that marketing does work and can pay off.  

the successful tradesman

Who am I?

A question I ask myself everyday.
My name is Stu and I’ve grown several businesses from the ground up and also managed larger businesses whilst travelling around Australia and New Zealand.  I’ve turned my marketing and web design experience into a full time profession, stepping away from plumbing (because my knees are killing me) and focusing on helping other business owners with their marketing and website requirements.

Web Design for Trades

Why have I focused most of my marketing on designing websites for trades and businesses within the trade industry?
That’s where most of my experience lies.  I’ve worked as a self employed plumber for over a decade and throughout that whole time I’ve always done my own marketing.
I often spoke with marketing consultants and web designers but never felt they had my best interests at heart and never believed they knew enough about the trade industry to advertise my business correctly.

Marketing for SME's

Most of my skills can be transferred to other small and medium businesses who aren’t in the trade industry but offer a local service to their community such as, restaurants, coffee shops, clothes shops etc.
In fact most small to medium businesses that sell a product or service to their customers can benefit from a well optimised website and high ranking Google business listing.  That way if someone is searching for a service or product you provide i.e. coffee you’ll come up within their search results. 

Successful Marketing Starts Here

Working with someone that has experience within your niche is primary to successfully marketing a business. I can help you with your website, local Google business listing and search rankings.

Contact Me Today

If you want to grow your business then contact me today to get started. The earlier you start to make changes to your marketing strategy the sooner you see results.